Petros Gaitanos: Ean eisai gia tin poli …

Karabi karabaki, karabi karabaki, karabi karabaki,

Ship little ship …

pou pas gialo gialo, ebga na se’dio

where do you go from shore to shore, come out for me to see you

magia mou exeis kamomeni kai trelenoume mazi sou

you have bewitched me and I get crazy with you

magia m’exei i adelfi sou kai trelenoume mazi sou

your sister has bewitched me and I get crazy with you

me kokkini simea me kokkini simea

with a red flag, with a red flag

kai me xriso stavro ebga na se’dio

and with a golden cross come out for me to see you

ta matakia sou ta mavra einai olo kaimos kai lavra

you little eyes, the black ones, are all sadness and tears

ta matoklada sou kleineis kai na figo den m’afinis

you close you eye lids and don’t leave me go

an eisai gia tin poli ean eisai gia tin poli kai tin agia sofia

if you go to Constantinople and to the Agia Sofia

agapi mou glika, ela na se na se strono na kimase

my sweet love, let me make a bed ready for you for you to sleep

ela n’eimaste ta dio mas na pernoume ton kairo mas

come for both of us to be together to spend our time

pare kai emena mesa pare kai emena mesa kai esire sto kalo

take me inside, too, and let us leave where the wind take us

ebga na se’dio

ela, ela san sou lego min me tiranis kai klego

come, come, as I tell you, don’t make me suffer and I cry

ela ela perdika mou sta angalakia ta dika mou

come come my partridge into my arms

Translation: Sonja Kasten


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