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Posted on: June 14, 2008


Inés de la Fressange, the Russian spy and Michail Strogoff

Finally things were not that tragic and apparently nobody had taken notice of my discovery of new strategies of communication through internet so that I could continue without too many considerations my test through Fressange of the impact of such a strategy on sales in general. Of course I should ask for figures to verify, but I don’t really need them. Intuitively I may evaluate the positive effect in 800.000 usd, a little shock due to the multiplication of the logo a little bit everywhere, strange malabar in order to find communication ways to America quite fed up with the French after the Crédit Lyonnais affaire and the surprised discovery of such a support coming even from English hooligans trying to help out the distinguished lady from a final destiny in a French Burger King.

Of course I couldn’t help falling in love with such a beautiful creature which explains itself with the pressure coming from realms such as China, Russia, Turkey, and other Muslim countries, whole lots of African countries and some parts of populations in America and Europe who insist in believing I were a man, pressure to which it is difficult to resist, although it is true, on the other hand, that playing the role of a convincing woman for other countries and parts of population in order to put an order in definitions becomes rather difficult when it is to consider my real nature, which as such, remains undetermined for reasons of marketing. (How difficult it is to keep international balances becomes this way obvious and impact on our psychic system should be considered before launching an international campaign.)Thus, I made up a real story in order to give Inés de la Fressange an aura that may assure the momentary success through time and it be certain that she would resist all sorts of economical break downs and disasters and thus may help her to spend more time in creation than giving back aggressive blows coming from the surroundings.

In spite of my humorous distortion of the model making her finally appear as a handsome guy even in France, she was actually categorized among the very female creatures in my personal evaluation table and thus could not play the role of Sherlock Holmes or Arséne Lupin in a story where she would define the character of her nature that would attract corresponding clients even, yes even in Pakistan. (I’ve many friends in Pakistan, too.)The story I made up, and which I will try to develop the following days should just be taken as an almost mythological configuration defining Fressange and thus creating a proper environment to sell a product. People mentioned do exist, perhaps, but are taken as figures or characters and should not be referred to real people.

The main lines of the story are the following. Born of a wealthy family, which could be some distant Rothschild branch, Hannah is accused of uncommitted crimes and banned from the family. She leaves France for Israel when she is 19 years old and stays there for about 4 years. In the meantime her name has been swished even from official registers, and several attempts of murder finish by a final attack while she is ill at the age of 23. After she disappears. She arrives in Greece in 1999 and tells many unbelievable stories. She dies in 2002. Or at least perhaps again, if she didn’t leave for other countries.

A Russian prince inspiring himself in Michail Strogoff starts making investigations and after many adventures discovers the evidence: registers have been altered and she has been declared dead even perhaps before she left France. He starts an oblique strategy trying to get information from the nearest environment using strange methods such as involving the SVR by calling its attention through a Lithuanian called Jura and stories mostly invented that may be of interest for such people, such as diamonds, drugs and serial killers. At the same time putting together all pieces of his memory he substitutes the main lines of her identity in writing, design and painting. The pressure thus created and transmitted as usual through Anne Hélène Nicolas to all spheres of society lands up on Fressange’s office desk. “Hannah,” she says, not knowing that Natasha has invaded her private spheres with hundreds and hundreds of little microphones while selling fashion in airy model dresses. Natasha, who, as usual and very Russian, has an enormous talent to compile information but does not know what to do with it, suspects hidden love affairs and tries to get further information, which Fressange refuses to give.

The absent eyes do attract Natasha’s attention who may not have given any importance whatsoever to the confession of a by the way flirt, even, yes, even if not corresponding to her general moral patterns. She thus pushes things further. A long list of environing people is established with martial and hierarchic order determining the importance of the x in question through the number of phone calls registered and arrives to one final conclusion: this person is very important. As usual she forgets the original goal of her researches and informs the SVR that ‘it is impossible to link momentarily Fressange to any prostitution mafia, drug dealers or far too far obscure love stories such as orgies and related, so that she would recommend the sales of such fine lines even in Russia as she suspects that the benefit deriving may be of importance.’

Her questions have though woken up old memories. People in the surroundings start looking more and more shadowy and Natasha perceives highly aggressive movements tending to trap her in dark corners. She asks for help from Russia and is saved finally from a definite murder attempt through a helicopter landing illegally on the square of Les Halles.

Inés de la Fressange, a little bit surprised by the disappearance of her model stays alone with two or three pictures and some old memories. Thinking how the hell she’d now going to launch her new prêt a porter collection as she thought a Russian model was really but really fashion and quite difficult to find another one.

Natasha tells the chaotic story to psychiatrist Yurevna, the link to the Kremlin and admits that ’she is really very very seducing and may cause trouble of identity even to the most fervent observer of natural rules’. Against her very positive inform, Inés de la Fressange’s products are thus forbidden in Russia. Yurevna is though in knowledge of other stories seeming to be related to this one and quite curious visits the hidden caves of the SVR were all sorts of incongruous stories are kept carefully hidden even from … Natascha. Her long experience seems to tell her that there may be more behind this apparently insignificant story than you may suspect at first glance.

Among the many Russian Jews immigrated to Israel there are always 12 or 14 belonging to the most trustful agents of Yurevna’s ranks. Two of them do actually work for Israeli Intelligence Services, among which a very young girl of about 20, named Irma. She is asked to get supplementary information if ever there concerning some one belonging to a wealthy family in France who may possibly have been killed some years ago.

Very diffuse information obtained from an officer who is a little tipsy that night talks about the possibility a member of the Rothschild family may have been killed twenty years ago, for unknown reasons. Yurevna looks back and thinks of Napoleon’s campaign financed by Rothschild’s against Russia. All attack on the family through evidences that may show that France has been using of methods attributed to the KGB for many years, may result in a restoration of honor that would help to gather the very dissolute Russian soul around a new concept of the Russian character. She pushes investigation further. The Russian prince who in the meantime has taken the cover of a hooligan in order to get information about a horrible prostitution mafia using blackmail in order to assure their income, is contacted by Yurevna, with who he is friends, in order to verify information, using the usual messages in a bottle. Ah, dear, he says, there finally the information I was asking for. Well right, if all this is true, Hannah’s son may become inheritor of the whole rest of the fortune and this would save Europe from the further misuse of money in funny electronic games. Who’s the one who may know about the existence of Hannah?

Thus, the Russian prince became in knowledge of Fressange’s existence and could not avoid laughing when informed of the fact that his very well constructed reconstruction of Hannah’s esthetics were already on Fressange’s table and at the origin of the whole coming and going of agents and spies.

Ah, he thought, wouldn’t mind a love affair now. But what, won’t she suspect I’m a Russian spy?

From “Ines de la Fressange and the Russian Prince” page 184


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